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YX75-200-600 floor deck


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YX75-200-600 floor deck

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Floor deck (steel deck, building profiled steel plate) is formed by roll forming of galvanized steel sheet, and its cross section is V-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal or similar waveforms. It is mainly used as a permanent template. , Can also be selected for other purposes. Combined floor, floor deck, steel deck, profiled steel plate, floor board, steel floor deck, combined floor board, galvanized steel deck, galvanized floor board, galvanized floor deck, combined floor deck, combination Floor slabs, floor steel decks, building profiled steel plates, combined floor slabs, etc.
  main feature
  1. To meet the requirements of rapid construction of the main steel structure, it can provide a firm working platform in a short time, and it can adopt the flow construction of laying profiled steel plates on multiple floors and pouring concrete slabs in layers.
  2. In the use stage, the floor deck is used as the tensile steel bar of the concrete floor, which also improves the rigidity of the floor and saves the amount of steel and concrete.
  3. The surface embossing of the profiled slab makes the maximum bonding force between the floor deck and the concrete, so that the two form a whole, with stiffening ribs, so that the floor deck system has high bearing capacity.
  4. Under the cantilever condition, the floor deck is only used as a permanent template. The length of the cantilever can be determined according to the cross-sectional characteristics of the floor deck. In order to prevent the cracking of the overhanging plate, it is necessary to equip the support with negative reinforcement according to the design of the structural engineer.



Effective width


Expanded width


Metal thickness


Moment of inertia of section


Section resistance moment



600 1000 0.75 118.65 34.9 Floor Deck
0.9 142.35 43.14
1.0 158.17 49.93
1.2 189.67 57.47


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