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YX66-470 roof panel


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YX66-470 roof panel

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YIANSTEEL470 Roofing System
Board thickness: 0.5mm 0.60mm
Base color plate: hot-dip galvanized steel plate ≥AZ150
Strength: 235Mpa-345 MPa
Performance characteristics:
The unique 360-degree double lock crimping process produces the most sealed vertical buckle seam, ensuring unparalleled climate temperature and tightness;
Add a preset sealant to the buckle seam to prevent leakage in any severe weather;
The unique roof bracket enables the entire roof system to move under conditions of thermal expansion and contraction;
The roof panels and structural parts are pre-punched in the factory to ensure that they are arranged correctly and neatly during installation;
The strength of the high-strength bolts used to connect the roof support and the purlin is twice the strength of the industry standard bolts;
The daylighting board matched with this roof system provides moderate natural light for the interior, saves energy, should not be yellowed or brittle, and save maintenance costs;
The roof trims and openings are carefully designed and prefabricated in the factory to prevent leakage.


Effective width


Expanded width


Metal thickness


Moment of inertia of section


Section resistance moment



470 600 0.5 12.03 5.02


Roof panel

0.6 14.31 6.02


System principle:


·The whole roof panel is fixed to the cornice to prevent the panel from slipping off

·The roof panel is connected with the roof structure through a sliding support

·The roof ridge is equipped with a retractable elastic cover plate, allowing changes in tension and compression


Connection diagram:

Yi'an Steel Products 470 system uses a unique bearing design to ensure the overall movement of the roof during thermal expansion and contraction, and eliminate the damage to the roof panel caused by internal stress.

Product Case:

Product production:

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