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High stand side aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panel system


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High stand side aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panel system

Advantages of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofsystem: 1.Safeandstable: ThissystemeffectivelyalleviatesthestresscausedbythetemperaturedifferencebetweenindoorandoutdoorinseverecoldseasonthroughtheslidinginstallationoftheT-shapedfixedbearing.Avoidplateextrusionandstretchingdeformationcausedbyunevenforce. Thesurfaceofthesystemadoptsthetechnologyof360°wrappingandfasteningT-shapedsupport,whichensuresthestabilityandslidingmovement,andthesystemhasnoscrewpenetration.Itnotonlyensuresthewaterproofandairtightnessofthesystem,butalsomaintainsthechemicalcompositionofthealuminumalloyfromdamage,andbetterexertsitsadvantagesincorrosionresistance. 2.Thermalinsulationandfireresistance Byselectinginsulationmaterialsofappropriatethickness,theroofstructurecanmeetthehigh-standardinsulationrequirementswithonlyslightadjustments.Atthesametime,theroofsystemblockcanresistsparksandflames,andthemetalroofblockmeetstheA1fireprotectionstandard. 3.Never-endingapplicationpotential Snowrods,etc.canbeinstalledontheverticaledgeoftheroofsystemplate,withoutriveting,andtheroofsurfaceisnotdamagedandremainsintacttoensureairtightness.Refurbishmentprojectsareequallytrustworthy.Theroofsystemplatehasthecharacteristicsofstabilityandlowweight. Themainusesofaluminummagnesiummanganese:Thespecificgravityofaluminum-magnesium-manganesealloyis1/3ofthatofcolor-coatedplates,butitsservicelifecanreachmorethanthreetimes.Becausethealuminum-magnesium-manganeseplateissoftandplastic,itcanbemadeintoaluminum-magnesium-manganesefan-shapedplates,aluminum-magnesium-manganesearc-shapedplates,etc.Itgreatlymeetsthedesignrequirementsofmetalroofsforaestheticsanddurability.Therefore,aluminum-magnesium-manganesemetalroofingsystemsarewidelyusedinmetalroofsofstadiums,airportmetalroofs,theatermetalroofs,high-endfactorymetalroofs,andurbanlandmarkbuildings.,Metalroofsoflargebuildingssuchascivilbuildings.
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Advantages of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof system:
1. Safe and stable
This system effectively alleviates the stress caused by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in severe cold season through the sliding installation of the T-shaped fixed bearing. Avoid plate extrusion and stretching deformation caused by uneven force.
The surface of the system adopts the technology of 360° wrapping and fastening T-shaped support, which ensures the stability and sliding movement, and the system has no screw penetration. It not only ensures the waterproof and airtightness of the system, but also maintains the chemical composition of the aluminum alloy from damage, and better exerts its advantages in corrosion resistance.
2. Thermal insulation and fire resistance
By selecting insulation materials of appropriate thickness, the roof structure can meet the high-standard insulation requirements with only slight adjustments. At the same time, the roof system block can resist sparks and flames, and the metal roof block meets the A1 fire protection standard.
3. Never-ending application potential
Snow rods, etc. can be installed on the vertical edge of the roof system plate, without riveting, and the roof surface is not damaged and remains intact to ensure airtightness. Refurbishment projects are equally trustworthy. The roof system plate has the characteristics of stability and low weight.
The main uses of aluminum magnesium manganese:
The specific gravity of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy is 1/3 of that of color-coated plates, but its service life can reach more than three times. Because the aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate is soft and plastic, it can be made into aluminum-magnesium-manganese fan-shaped plates, aluminum-magnesium-manganese arc-shaped plates, etc. It greatly meets the design requirements of metal roofs for aesthetics and durability. Therefore, aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roofing systems are widely used in metal roofs of stadiums, airport metal roofs, theater metal roofs, high-end factory metal roofs, and urban landmark buildings and other metal roofs of large buildings.


aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panel
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