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YXB65-170-510 floor deck


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YXB65-170-510 floor deck

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The base plate of the closed profiled metal plate should be cold-rolled, hot-rolled steel plate or steel strip, and its size, shape and allowable deviation should meet the requirements of GB/T708 or GB/T709.
        YXB65-170-510 floor deck can eliminate the fireproof coating at the bottom of the board, can completely replace the lower steel bar, and can reduce the thickness of the floor slab, save the amount of concrete, and the unique suspension system of the closed floor deck can also save the cost of mechanical and electrical pipe installation. In addition, due to the above advantages, the processing speed can be significantly accelerated and the construction period can be shortened. Therefore, the use of closed-end floor decks can reduce the direct cost of the project on the one hand, and reduce the project management cost on the other hand.



Effective width


Expanded width


Metal thickness


Moment of inertia of section


Section resistance moment



510 1000 0.75 92.67 20.59 Floor deck
0.9 111.22 24.72
1.0 123.59 27.46
1.2 147.94 32.88


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